EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2018

Ημερομηνία 24/05/2018 - 26/05/2018, Ολοήμερο
Τοποθεσία Titania Hotel Athens
Διεύθυνση -, Αθήνα
Επιστημονική Εταιρεία / Φορέας EUFEPS
Επαγγελματίας Οργανωτής / PCO AFEA SA Travel & Congress Services
Τηλέφωνο 2103668853
After celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, EUFEPS is proud and happy to announce the 2018 Annual Meeting to be held in Athens, Greece between May 24-26, 2018 in collaboration with Conference Co-Chair Prof. Panos Macheras supported by University of Athens and with parallel tracks organized by EUFEPS Networks. This meeting will be focused on the theme “Crossing Barriers for Future Medicines”. The main track of the meeting will continue throughout the scientific programme on May 24 to 26 covering basic sciences in oral and mucosal drug absorption and transport to innovative medicines and their PK/PD evaluation. As the concept of future medicines involves an extensive systems approach for both development and for pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, parallel tracks will be organized by networks and EUFEPS member institutions and societies to discuss different aspects. Among these tracks available to the Athens 2018 participants, Nanomedicines tracks will be organized by EUFEPS Network on Nanomedicine and Hellenic Society on Nanotechnology for Health Sciences HSNanoHS. Biotech and Biosimilars and Manufacturing of Future Medicines tracks will be co-organized with industry, Novel Molecular Targets and New Oncology Drugs track will be held by German Pharmaceutical Society, Personalized Medicine tracks will be organized by EUFEPS Network on Systems Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics network EPRIN. In total, we plan to hold this Annual meeting with 6 prominent Plenary Lecturers, several invited session/short course speakers and short oral presentations selected among the abstracts. EJPS Best Paper Award, Best Poster Award and EUFEPS Presidential Distinction Award will be presented during the awards ceremony at the end of this conference. We hope to bring together scientists from academia, industry and regulatory authority around the future of medicines and the role of pharmaceutical scientists in the heart of Athens in a beautiful and historic environment to continue the tradition of Pharmaceutical Sciences European meetings series in Frankfurt 2019 and on with strong scientific programmes and affordable accommodation and registration fees.  


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